Social Media Platform

The aspect of Social plays a strong aprt in creating and maintaining strong communities. As part of our organizations commitment to Strong Communities we operate a diverse group of Social Media related products.

  • Our website discussing the different aspects of social media as it currently stands. The pros and cons of the different players in the social media world.
  • Social Media For Activists We are a Social Media site run by those passionate about “being the change we want to see in our society.” By activists for activists.
  • Old World Trades Social Media We endeavor to be a place where people committed to the old world quality, skill, and tenacity can come, meet, network, and learn from each other.
  • 4 – “A new kinda media!” This is our main stream social media website with app coming soon. A Social Media Platform that DOES NOT SELL YOUR DATA!

We will Update this List as more of the sites go LIVE in the coming months.