Here at GTKYF TECH Group we are passionate about utilizing technology to effect change in our communities. Facilitating a FREE and Open exchange of ideas and information.

Media Group

Part of having a robust Technology platform in today’s fast moving world includes Media.

Classifieds Platform Group

Strong Communities includes a robust economy. This Group strives to help build Local Economic Opportunities. All while NOT mining your DATA.

Program Specific Group

Our Parent Organization and its programs websites, applications, and technology needs.

Social Media Platform Group

Facilitating FREEDOM and Strong Communities with a platform that DOES NOT MINE YOUR DATA!

Our Founder, Ethan The Farmer, in the early days

“If you are going to win this war, you will have to learn to use their tools better than they do.”

Ethan The Farmer, Founder GTKYF Foundation Inc

From early on in the development of this organization our founder used the power of technology to assist in the desire to stand for justice. To be a voice for the voiceless. And to hold the powers that be accountable for their actions. It was through this use of technology that he was able to connect with others that were standing for justice. That connection is what eventually led to the organizations growth, and transformation into what it has grown to be today.

Become a Donor and Show Your Support for Us!

Just $5 a week, the cost of one coffee house coffee you will help us provide all of the awesome positive alternatives to the main stream big tech companies.

In addition to the above platforms we have these groups as well:

  • Our Dating Platform: Helping “like minded people meet.” Strong communities involves healthy relationships with people who are like minded.
  • Our Fundraising Platform: Helping communities raise funds, provide person to person loans, and provide micro loans creating strong economically vibrant society as a whole.
  • Our Email Platforms*: Providing a secure FREE email environment that DOES NOT MINE or SELL YOUR DATA. The open FREEDOM to communicate without fear of others mining your data.
    • Calendar with reminder and scheduler
    • Search Engine
    • Storage
    • Mailing Lists for those needing a way to communicate with groups of people at once
  • Our Meet Platform*: For event organizers and groups to collaborate and facilitate community growth.
  • Our Gigs Platform*: Helping people find each other and facilitate trade, barter, and economic remuneration. Thereby creating strong Local Economic communities.

(*The ones with this * are still in development. And will be coming soon. Thank You for your patience.)