So, with all of the massive media and event efforts that took place over the last two weeks. I have been slacking on the tech group program responsibilities. But I spent today working on many aspects and a lot of great stuff. We have brought another core person onto our team of tech folks to help me keep up with all of the many aspects taht all need my attention.

Today, I cleaned up and reworked the CBDGURU.me site, our Farm Fresh Media main site, and lined up the different projects for many of those involved in the media and tech groups. From paid to volunteers. Some effort was also put into updating the Ethan The Farmer site as well.

We anticipate having our first app live in the coming weeks, and can’t wait to announce it. As well as we continue to bring the many platform sites online continually.

More videos, and other aspects are continually being added to our massive collection of articles, content and sites.

Don’t forget that all of these efforts continually cost us revenue to keep it all going. Please consider donating TODAY and helping us make all of these platforms a reality. Helping facilitate the FREE exchange of information. One where we DO NOT SELL your data. As well as our efforts to support strong LOCAL Communities and Economies.