Affiliate Marketing

What is “Affiliate Marketing”?

Our Affiliate Marketing Service here at GTKYF TECH Group is fairly simple.

We promote your product or service via a specific link, across our platforms, websites, social media, and apps. When you make a sale to someone via that link. We get a commission or a specific fee that we both agreed to prior to us engaging in marketing on behalf of you. We pick where and how to market the link and your sales grow. We reserve the right to refuse any marketing that goes against our parent organizations mission, at our sole discretion. Preference is given to “Like-minded” groups and businesses.

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We reserve the right to refuse any and all ads at our sole discretion.

Preference will be given to those businesses that are:

  • small businesses
  • family businesses
  • like minded
  • in line with our parent organizations core mission as it relates to farms, food, families, and freedom.
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