Classified Billboard Site Ads

Do you want to reach a group of people who are interested in a specific genre of a geographical area? Affordable marketing, targeted at an audience who is interested?


As a result, we offer what we have named the “Billboard Ad”. A Billboard ad, just like the billboards on the side of the highway gets a specific number of people going by in a specific geographic area. And that is the only data we provide the advertiser. All other DATA is NOT availible and will not be collected or provided.

But, that also makes our ads very reasonably priced.

On average our billboard ads cost the advertiser $0.015 per person view! Preference is given to small businesses, family businesses, and those businesses related to our parent organizations mission of farms, food, families, and freedom. A website page with 1,000 views a month for one billboard ad would run $15 for one billboard per month. A social media page with 5000 followers would run $7.50 per billboard ad posting. (as only 10% of followers typically see an post)

These Rates DO NOT INCLUDE any Graphic Design, or landing pages built. We can provide these services for $25 per hour, min of one hour. We can also host your landing page for $2.50 per week.

January 2020 Special: BOGO – Buy One Get One Free. In other words DOUBLE your marketing dollars in the month of January. Buy One Billboard ad Get One of Equal of lessor value for FREE!

Don’t want to pay for a billboard ad by the sites traffic?

We also offer a pay per click option with a custom landing page. Every time someone clicks the billboard ad and gets taken to your custom landing page, you pay us $0.029. If we build and host the custom landing page the cost is $0.04 per click.

Don’t think the above pricing structure is right for you? Check out our “Affiliate Marketing” and pay us a commission on actual sales we bring in. It can’t get any more risk free than that. Try it. What do you have to loose?

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We reserve the right to refuse any ad that we feel goes against our core mission. At our sole discretion. Thank You for Your Understanding.


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