Classified Platform – Prohibited

Any activities that are illegal or unlawful in the specific jurisdiction that governs your actions are directly and explicitly prohibited on this platform, and any of the GTKYF TECH Group assets. By use of these platforms and GTKYF TECH Groups assets you agree to hold harmless all parties associated with GTKYF Tech Group in any way. Should you engage in any unlawful or illegal conduct on any of our websites you agree to be responsible for all costs, and damages we incur in addressing and handling the issue.

Specific Prohibited Items and Types that are prohibited:

(this is NOT an all inclusive list, and other types of posts may be deemed prohibited by GTKYF TECH Group at our sole discretion.)

  • Any Stolen Item, or item where the ownership is in dispute
  • Any form of regulated Item such as Alcohol, Tobacco, or Firearms
  • Any offer of Trading Re numeration for Sexual Favors. (prostitution)
  • Any Illegal Drugs or paraphernalia related to the manufacture, sale or distribution thereof
  • No out bound Links (URLs) without the written consent of GTKYF TECH Group. Email your link here for approval.
  • No “Get Rich Quick” Type ads. Pyramid schemes, Nigerian Prince type posts.
  • If you are in doubt about a potential ad you want to post, Please feel free to email the ad HERE. One of the Moderators will respond as soon as possible. Thank you.

If GTKYF TECH Group – Classified Platform Site moderators have removed your ad or blocked your ability to post an ad and you feel that we made an error. You may appeal it by emailing the URL and specifics of the posting or ban HERE. We believe in FREEDOM, and make every effort to maintain a safe and functional platform. But, like any human we are not always perfect. We apologize if this is the case and our team will make every effort to review your situation individually and try to work it out. But the decision of our team are final.

Classified Platform Terms Of Use