Code Of Conduct – Tours

The following code of conduct and terms apply to our sites related to tours, and tourism.


  • All deposits and payments are NON-Refundable.
  • All rescheduling, and itinerary modifications are at the sole discretion of management.
  • We are NOT responsible for acts of God, or things beyond our control. Like weather, vehicles, store closed, or other issues.
  • We are NOT liable for any injuries, vehicle accidents, or other issues. Please carry your own HEALTH insurance. You are responsible for carrying your own vehicle liability insurance while in transit of event. We do NOT insure your vehicle at all.
  • NO MINORS (under 18 year old) without parent present and / or signed release / consent form.

Code Of Conduct:

  • Be respectful of others. Please be considerate of others on the tour, those in the community, and the locations where we take you. Please do NOT cause a disruption or scene during the tour.
  • Please refrain from loud music, screaming, or other disturbances during the tour.
  • No Illegal drugs or alcohol during the tour.
  • Enjoy, have fun and make some good memories.

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