CoronaVirus Project

Our CoronaVirus (COVID-19) Project is our response as an organization in conjunction with our GTKYF MEDIA Group to address these unprecedented times of upheaval in our world. We have built a series of websites, and through our media group are producing a continuum of related content, information, and news. Make sure you suscribe to these pages for the most recent information we put out. We are also building the related social media assets, and will be pursuing additional avenues such as newsletters, vblog, and podcasts.

Active Websites include:

  • CoronaVirus Protection Guru: Where we discuss the pandemic, how it is effecting our communities, and ways to protect each other.
  • COVID – 19 Financial: Discussing the financial impact of the CoronaVirus (COVID-19), tools to cope, and thoughts on financial recovery.
  • *Quarantine BUZZ:* The BUZZ and news on the developing quarantine situation and how it relates to each of us.
  • *COVID -19 Home:* Covering the impact on our homes, families, and how to mitigate the impact on our home life. With a specific section addressing the whole working from home aspect.
  • *The Quarantine Coach:* Coaching on how to handle being quarantined. Including an offering of webinar, and personal video coaches. Creating a healthy approach to being quarantined, or under “Stay at Home Orders”.
  • *Quarantine Directory:* A directory of past, present, and future (scheduled) Quarantines as we are able to ascertain.
  • *Real COVID News:* Covering news related to the CoronaVirus (COVID) from a real factual approach.
  • *Real COVID – 19 Information:*Discussing the information as it relates to COVID – 19.

(Listings with * are in development, thank you for your patience.)

As you can see we have invested heavily in the providing up to date factual information on the many aspects of how this crisis has effected each of us. Throughout these sites we cover aspects such as how this relates to off grid living, agricultural producers, and much much more.

Currently there are only a small foot print on social media of Facebook and twitter. As we develop this project we will add to this foot print. Stay tuned.