Our Platform Group

In working to build strong communities and thereby effect our society for the better we have devided the core platforms we operate as follows:

As you can see we have a diverse family of platforms, all that are committed to taking back technology for the People. None of our platforms, nor any other of GTKYF Tech Group programs mine your data. We firmily believe your data is yours. We do NOT collect, sell, or otherwise monetize your data. (other than collecting what is nessessarry to facilitate the smooth operation of our products. Which we dispose of as soon as it is not necessary in the operation of our sites and applications.) Check out our “Your Information” page and see what we are talking about.

Here at GTKYF TECH Group we believe that Big TECH along with so many of the other big anything (like big media, big government, big agriculture, and big corporate) have run amuck. Causing damage to the very fiber of what made this country great. We through our parent organization have been condemning the ever growing pursuit of total dominance and greed that the big players of the technology world are engaging in. But in alignment with our founders belief structure that you can’t bash something unless you offer a positive alternative. We created these platforms, websites, and applications.

Please help combat the take over of the internet and promote these platforms we strive to provide in accordance with our beliefs.

The Likes of Facebook, Uber, Twitter, Craigslist do not care about you, your family, or societies well being as a whole. We do, and have proven it over the many years of our parent organizations existence and involvement in taking back our farms, food, families, and freedom. These Big Tech Companies only care about their bank accounts and will gladly sell you up the river if it means they can multiply their greed driven status.