Time to give Zuc a run for his money!

Yes, you read that right. Big Tech has overgrown its own boots and its high time we fight back. We are super excited to announce that our main stream alternative to the great fed book is now LIVE! We are gearing up for a fight… and when we say fight… we mean it! We have a fully functional Social Media Platform with working websites that does NOT sell your DATA! This platform along with the many other aspects of GTKYF TECH Group is done by daring idealistic people who are not afraid to stick their necks out for what they believe. Having done it over and over again to challenge the system and status quo these folks are behind this effort to take back our DATA and the internet for WE THE PEOPLE!

Register HERE for 4Social. Club “A New Kinda Media!”

Join with us and lets take back the internet, along with the rest of our freedoms. Its high time we put corporate greed in check.

So, now instead of complaining about how bad the other social media outlets are. Join us and help us grow this monumental undertaking. Our parent organization has developed a philosophy of such that if we have an issue with something we build a positive alternative. Hence the massive tech projects, and ever growing list of programs under the GTKYF Foundation Inc Umbrella.

The post that announced that 4Social. Club is LIVE!