Your Information:

Since we are passionate about FREEDOM, and having an open dialog about what we do with your information, we thought this page was in order. This page is also an effort to maintain compliance with compliance laws related to our GTKYF Tech Group and its projects.

That being said:


We on principle resist any and all requests for your information by any governmental agency. The only time we will ever release any of your data to any governmental agency is with a legal search warrant, and that we will challenge prior to releasing the data. Our “Terms of Use” prohibits any governmental agency, or individual from accessing or using our intellectual property. And spells out specific damages for their breach of said terms of use.

What do we do with your information?

  • Our Parent organization, GTKYF Foundation Inc uses some of the data you provide to us via these websites, applications, and intellectual property. As follows:
    • In promotional materials and efforts for our programs.
    • For donor recruitment, development, and management
    • For Volunteer recruitment, development and management
  • We use site views to determine the value of sponsorships, billboard ads, and other marketing products and services. We DO NOT use any other person specific data with this. We do target our marketing using general geographical data.
  • From time to time we contract with analytical services to better understand the needs and direction of a specific site. We will openly disclose and post this on any site or asset we are using these type of services on while we are using them.

Affiliate Marketing:

We do use affiliate marketing. We post ads and links for affiliate marketing, and receive compensation for your use of those links. We also employee affiliate marketing to drive traffic to our intellectual property as well. Any time we receive a commission or other compensation for your use of a affiliate marketing link we will clearly disclose it to you up front. We cannot control or effect those entities policies in relation to your data, so please be careful in their use.

For a copy of the GTKYF Tech Program Terms of Use, Code of Conduct, Privacy Policy, and Your Information please visit the respective links above. Thank You.